This is the website where you can get discovered and get paid. An online talent management system which is built for you by you. HADfyx is the cryptocurrency we are using for support projects. Everbody welcome to use our services. Proudly introduced our credit-builder system which is unique and has no competitors.
If you have ever thought of doing something extraordinary, here is the place where you can do it. Together with hadfyx.org and hadfyx.com we are ready to build the future you desired in film and entertainment business.
No matter if you have no credit or preliminary studies in the film industry. We need you, because we believe that everybody is good at something.
Our viewer-rewarding system is unique, also. Registered users/Viewers can get paid not only for viewing films and videos produced by Hadfyx.TV Ltd., but for comment and rating as well.
Please read our Privacy policy carefully. We welcome you and our videos and comments. If you just want to upload pictures, you are also welcome.
Privacy Policy can be found Here.
Terms of Use can be found Here.
The creator of HADfyx.TV and HADfyx cryptocurrency is Csaba Halasz. He had a dream and it became a vision which is reality, now.

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